We are a non-profit, community-based effort to promote contemporary art using an innovative means of showing and ‘productizing’ fine art as temporary, changeable murals to encourage:

-Experiencing art
-Collecting art
-Connecting adjacent communities
-Supporting DoReMi, and in future, “Ba” (Bayview).


How does this work, and who benefits?


Contemporary Art, normally only displayed in galleries, is moved into the public realm by Art in Public and displayed in large format using building wrap and billboard technology.

[And Gallerists, too.]

Artists release affordable reproductions of the artwork shown through Art in Public. These sales are targeted at the general public (not collectors) and become a new income stream for fine artists and for the galleries that represent them. The transactions are handled directly through the galleries existing websites. (Art in Public doesnot participate in the sales transaction. We are funded privately.)


The communities where Art in Public is displayed experience a new public realm enriched by contemporary art experiences. Through related event programming Art in Public brings neighbors together from adjacent Southern neighborhoods, such as Bayview, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, Mission, SOMA…

Through a series of installations and events, the neighborhoods are recognized districts active with contemporary art and cultural “making.” (While this has always been the case, the presence of working artists is not widely known, i.e., outside our neighborhoods.)